Babe Lash Essential Serum Review

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Babe Lash Essential Serum Review

People want long and thick lashes that make their eyes pop out. The allure of long, curly lashes is something we all covet. Mascaras become our best friend, and so do false eyelashes.

False lashes are also good for covering weak eyelash growth. But if that is your main issue, using eyelash serums can significantly change your eyelashes quickly. In this article, we are going to talk about Babe Lash essential serum.

By looking into Babe Lash reviews, we are going to see the credibility of the product, the good and the bad, and where it sits in the market compared to other lash serums.

Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum

*Note*Babe Lash recently rebranded to Babe Original to allow them to add more product lines. While doing this they updated the packaging. The product we tested was in the old packaging but they have stated that the ingrdients have remained the same, it’s just a branding update.

Why Use Eyelash Growth Serums?

Eyelash growth can be hampered due to various reasons. Besides eyelashes thinning due to age, makeup usage, vitamin deficiencies, or eye infections also cause the eyelashes to stop growing well.

You can prevent this from happening by following some methods like having the necessary nutrients in your diet, using natural ingredients, or using eyelash serums.

Eyelash growth serums enhance the growth of longer, thicker lashes are eyelash growth serums. Not only do they boost longer lash growth but also help the growth cycle.

Babe Lash Serum Review

What Is Babe Lash Essential Serum?

Babe Lash Essential Serum is a lash-enhancing serum by Babe Lash, a cosmetic line focused on eyelash health and other beauty health products. The American focuses on creating products for women to enhance their self-esteem.

Babe Lash products have a wide range of products and are paraben and cruelty-free. The company also produces other conditioning cosmetics and mascaras. This Lash Essential Serum is one of their longer lash-enhancing serums.

Babe Lash claims to use prostaglandin technology within their formula. The technology stimulates the skin and areas around the skin, promoting growth and achieving fuller lashes. It works in three phases.

With Babe Lash serum, expect around four to six weeks for the changes to happen. It makes your eyelashes go through three phases of changes, which is similar to the standard life cycle of any lash growth. You cannot expect to give up after a week to maintain the lashes’ growth cycle.


A 2ml bottle of the serum costs $65, a 4ml costs $120. You can also get a mini size at $37.

The 2ml would last you for 3 months, the 4ml bottle for 6 months, and the mini has about 6 weeks of use in it. 

Might be out of the budget for some, but perhaps, this product is the right beauty treatment for you. To help you decide, we are going to break down the positive and negative reviews of this product in detail.

User Feedback – Babe Lash Before and After

Babe Lash after one week
After 1 week
After 2 weeks
Babe Lash after three weeks
After 3 weeks
Babe Lash after four weeks

There are lots of reviews from customers of the product. The website has 6000+ reviews with over 4,500 being 5-star reviews. Obviously, reviews on a brands official site do have the ability to be manipulated. There are also 5,204 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Positive Reviews

Customers who have bought the product are satisfied with how easy it is to apply, thanks to its applicator. Some have even been asked whether they are wearing eyelash extensions or wearing mascara!

With consistent use, they noticed a huge difference and achieved longer and fuller lashes.

Negative Reviews

Some customers have reported that it took longer for the serum to work on their lashes than on others. There were also reports of light irritation and allergies, and red, inflamed eyelids.

While buying through a third-party website, one of the customers ended up with a fake product. So, we always recommend buying directly from the brand itself or a reputable beauty product

Babe Lash Eyelash Growth Serum Ingredients

Containing nourishing and performance-based ingredients, Babe Lash eyelash serum is made of a variety of effective ingredients that make up the formula of the serum. Not only does this serum aim to encourage lash growth, but it also promotes healthy hair follicles to grow faster and thicker.

Some of the key eyelash serum ingredients are discussed below:

Exfoliating Agent

The Gluconolacotone used in this serum dissolves dead skin cells, helps to remove discoloration, moisturizes, and also removes excess oil from the skin.

Nourishing Agent

Amino acids help to nourish lashes. They also strengthen the lash hair proteins by repairing the damage.

Hair Growth

Biotin is one of the most used ingredients in lash growth serum. They nourish and strengthen keratin which makes up the protein of hair.

This product does not contain coconut, nickel, or other allergy-causing elements. This product is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Babe Lash Eyelash Serum Pros

  • Helps improve and maintain lash health and helps gain stronger and thicker lashes
  • Saves you from the need of having to wear lash extensions or fake lashes
  • Contains ingredients that promote healthy hair growth and replenish moisture
  • Can also be doubled as a lash conditioner to make your lashes appear smooth and elongated
  • Has a well-designed lash applicator that minimizes product wastage and makes applying comfortable
  • Can even be worn with contact lenses with minimal irritation.


  • May not be suitable for people with sensitive skin or sensitive eyes
  • Direct contact with the eyes may lead to redness, irritated eyes, and even pink eye
  • Allergic reactions may cause darkening around the eyes, eyelids, or look like dark circles
  • Requires consistent and prolonged use to get desired results

How to Apply Lash Serum?

The Babe Lash Serum comes with perfect instructions how to apply the serum the right way. Here’s how you have to use the serum, according to their website:

Step 1: Make sure the face and eyelids are clean and dry

At first, you should start with washing your face. Clean up and make sure your face, and eyelids are dry. You have to use the product on clean and dry skin.

Step 2: Dip the brush into the serum and apply it on the top lash line

And then, dip the precise serum brush or applicator into the product. One dip gathers enough serum for both the eyes. Close one eye and swipe the product on the top lash line, just like liquid eyeliner. Do not apply the product to your lower lashes.

You do not have to apply separately for your lower lashes, just blink after applying on the upper lash line, and the product will spread evenly. Then switch to the other eye and apply serum the same way. That’s it! Make sure not to get any product in your eye.

Step 3: Let it dry off entirely

Don’t use any makeup or other product on your lashes until the lash serum has completely dried off. Don’t worry, this lash serum is very light and dries off quickly. Then you can use other products on your lashes.

Apply serum two to three times weekly to maintain the lashes. Remember, consistency and patience is the key! You can’t expect results just within a few weeks of using the product. You are advised to wait at least 12 weeks to evaluate the results on your lashes. Wait and see the magic it does to your skin!

Why We Like This Product

We love Babe Lash Essential Serum just like their other products because of how their products are always successful in delivering the best results to people. The formulas they use are top-notch. They are high quality and healthy for all generally all skin types as well. Their products like eyebrow serum, lip plumper, and eyelash conditioners are all great products.

You only have to apply the serum with the applicator on the upper eyelid, on the lash line of the top lashes and then just close your eyes, blink! The serum will be equally distributed among both of your eyes. That makes the process so easy!

If you are looking for solutions to your weak eyelashes, Babe Lash has just the perfect solution for you. Besides, they also have a wide range of high-quality and fast-action products starting with lashes, lips, brow health products, and so on for your other beauty problems.

As long as you follow the directions given in their products list while using their products, you can rest assured to achieve great results. However, whatever skin care products you use, you should always watch out for allergy reactions for your own safety.

Buying Guide for Eyelash Growth Serum

Before placing an order, here are a few things you might want to know first:

Prescribed or FDA-approved

Eyelash serums come from different brands and with different qualities. The serums are made of lab-based formulas that put healthy lash growth into effect immediately. Because of their fast results and multiple advantages, serums are preferred by many.

You must be wondering, is using lab-made formulas on our lashes, which are so close to our eyes, is it really safe to use?

The answer is YES. As long as you follow the application instructions and any other specifications mentioned, using these serums is completely safe for you. Some of them are even FDA-approved! But some of these might have to be prescribed by your doctor.


Eyelash growth serums can be bought over the counter. But not all of them can make your lashes grow. Some of them only work as strengtheners or conditioners.

You should definitely check the ingredients and the details of the product before using it and relate it to your personal needs. These serums are made of formulas that aim to have natural effects and make the process comfortable for the users.

But in case of any sort of adverse reaction on your skin like irritation, red eye infections, pink eyes, puffiness or etc, seek help from a medical professional immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Babe Lash eyelash serum work?

Yes! For those suffering eyelash loss, if used consistently, you can notice significant changes in your lashes after at least twelve weeks of use! So what are you waiting for today?

How often should you apply Babe Lash serum?

Using babe lash at least two to three times a week can make you satisfied with the results.

Is Babe Lash safe to use?

Yes, their products are safe to use on any skin type. People with skin conditions should definitely consult with a professional first.
If you end up with reactions like inflamed eyes or ocular inflammation etc., seek help immediately.

Can I use lash serum while pregnant?

Do not use babe lash eyelash serum if pregnant.

What happens if I react to the product?

Discontinue use if the product causes red and irritated eyes or other problems. Seek a professional’s help if required.


If you are having problems with your lash lines and have to opt for false lashes every time you go out, this product may be able to help you! 

Babe Lash eyelash serum will do the work for you. Even contact lens wearers can use babe lash to get long lashes or to strengthen lashes.