Best Serum For Growing Eyebrows

Best Serum For Growing Eyebrows

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As we get older our eyebrows start to lose their volume and thickness. This causes us to look unkempt. It can also get tiring having to use brow pencils and liquids to fill them in every day.

To overcome this problem there are many people who use eyebrow growth serums. The best serum for growing eyebrows will contain proven ingredients that stimulate growth from the follicle. This will help in increasing the hair growth and thickness of your brows

We’re going to take a look at which serums are the best for eyebrow growth, what ingredients they contain, and why they work better than others on the market.

Best Serum For Growing Eyebrows – The List

1. Moerie Ultimate Eyebrow Growth Serum

Moerie Eyebrow Growth Serum

The Ultimate Eyebrow Growth serum has been in development for two whole years. Whilst it is a limited edition, and there is only a set amount to be released, it most certainly is a must-have brow serum.

It is the first serum to include over 77 different minerals to nourish the brows, as well as vitamins, amino acids, biotin, keratin, and a number of other organic ingredients.

Because of the high number of nutritional ingredients, the results are rapid, too. In as little as 4 weeks whilst used every day, eyebrows appear thicker and fuller.

The vegan formula is gentle and non-irritating. It is also really easy to apply with its doe foot applicator which causes no mess. You also cannot feel that you are wearing it too, which means you could even apply it in the morning.

It does not react with makeup, so it is safe to use alongside foundation. However, it is probably best to not then apply brow makeup. Let it do its thing on its own!

Moerie Eyebrow Serum


  • Well developed – been in the making for two years to make sure it does a great job
  • Rapid results – some people see results within a 4 week period
  • Vegan – and is also full of natural and organic ingredients
  • Non-irritating – gentle ingredients that cares for the skin, does not irritate it


  • Limited edition – will it be available after the first initial release? Still, it is too good to pass up!

2. Beverly Hills MD Thick + Full Brow Enhancing Serum

Beverly Hills MD Thick Full Brow Enhancing Serum

The Beverly Hills MD Thick + Full Brow Enhancing serum promises to work on everyone, no matter if you have over-plucked those eyebrows, or they are thinning due to age.

Whilst on the more expensive side of the spectrum, the brand’s confidence of a 60-day money-back guarantee only shows you that this serum works a treat.

In fact, due to its ‘breakthrough’ hormone-free and vitamin-rich formula, it is said to be one of the best on the market. It includes capixyl, redensyl, and micro-keratin to boost hair growth.

The formula is also said to support the current stem cells within your hair follicles to help them control the hair growth, helping them to appear thicker and fuller.

This serum took around 2 months to show any improvement. This was noticed when an eyebrow pencil was no longer needed.

Read our full Beverly Hills MD Eyebrow Serum review


  • Great formula – includes ingredients such as capixyl, redensyl, and micro-keratin without the use of hormones
  • Highly rated – a lot of people recommend this serum
  • Money-back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back


  • Expensive – though it is highly sort after and does have a 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • Longer results – may take around 2 months plus until you see any results

3. AnteAge Overnight Brow Serum

AnteAge Overnight Brow Serum

The AnteAge Overnight brow serum is great for those who want to put it on their brows before they head to sleep. During sleep, it is an easy time to let a product do its job for a few hours instead of you wanting to cover it up with brow pencil, or accidentally brush it away with a hat.

The serum is said to stimulate long gone and dead hair follicles that may have ‘disappeared’ due to over-plucking. The hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the area to make sure it is a perfect and healthy environment for hair to grow.

The stem cell factors that are included in the ingredients list also play a role in helping new hair to sprout, even when it hasn’t been there for a long time. 

The serum also includes lots of peptides that are great for anti-aging, such as reducing wrinkles and re-introducing elasticity. 

Within a matter of days, tiny hairs became apparent. Whilst exciting, patience is still needed in order to see full results. That being said, it is best to use it twice daily, despite it being an overnight serum, so you will find yourself using it in the morning too.


  • Includes peptides – great for those looking for an anti-aging solution
  • Hydrating – includes the super hydrating hyaluronic acid
  • Quick results – but patience is key for full results


  • Twice a day – despite it being an overnight serum, it is best to use it in the morning as well

4. Vegamour Vegabrow Volumizing Serum

Vegamour Vegabrow Serum

For a vegan approach, Vegamour has created an eyebrow serum that not only looks cute, but it also has great ingredients too.

Having become known due to their lash serum, it wasn’t long before they released a brow version. It includes a number of exciting ingredients such as zinc, biotin, and a polyphytobase complex.

Each one is completely essential for creating a healthy base for hair to grow from. It also does not include any toxins or hormones which may not be good for you to use in the long run. 

After around 8 weeks, the brows appeared fuller and thicker. Whilst not fast, just like with all serums, it is best to give it time to do its magic. 


  • 100% vegan – and completely cruelty-free
  • Includes a polyphytobase complex – mung bean and red clover for vitamins A, C, C, B7 and K, as well as antioxidants.
  • Hormone-free – and does not include any toxins either


Slow results – around two months to see the eyebrows become thicker and fuller, though this is to be expected with brow serums.

5. GrandeBrow Brow Enhancing Serum


The GrandeBrow Brow Enhancing serum is said to make the appearance of brows seem fuller from 6 to 8 weeks time. Their formula of amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins penetrate into the hair follicle to promote thicker hair growth.

It is a little slower than most, with around 4 months being the time of full improvement. Though as with all brow serums, patience is key. What works fast for somebody else might not work quite as quickly for you.

Fortunately, whilst not exactly the cheapest, the serum lasts for the full 4 months, so you do in fact get your money’s worth. It is then up to you whether you want to use more for the next 8 months, which there is no harm in doing. 

The serum also includes super hydrating hyaluronic acid. Whilst currently a beauty buzz ingredient, it is very beneficial for skin. The serum keeps the skin supple and hydrated – a perfect environment for optimum hair growth.


  • 4 month supply – one bottle of serum lasts a long time
  • Includes hyaluronic acid – super hydrating to keep the skin healthy for hair regrowth
  • Great ingredients – includes lots of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants


  • Slow progress – can take up to 4 months to see full results

Comparing The Top 5 Brow Serums

BrandProstaglandinKeratinPanthenolBiotinHyaluronic AcidGuarantee
Berverly Hills MD✔️✔️✔️60 days
AnteAge✔️✔️30 days
Vegamour90 days
GrandeBROW✔️✔️90 days

What To Look For In An Eyebrow Growth Serum

Now that you have looked at our top 5 eyebrow serums, here is a buyer’s guide to help you decipher what to look for before investing. Hopefully, you will find the one that is right for you.


The first thing to consider is the ingredients. You want to make sure that your serum contains natural ingredients, or at least ingredients that will not irritate the skin. Many products contain chemicals such as parabens which are known to be harmful to the skin, so avoid these.

You will know what a paraben is because the words will end in ‘-araben’.

It is also advisable to avoid any product containing alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin and makes it prone to breakouts. It may also cause your brows to become itchy and flaky.


It is always wise to invest in a quality product rather than going for a cheap option. The price may seem cheaper but it could end up costing you more in the long run.

This is due to it not working well, or not lasting as long. A quality serum will do wonders for your brows, as well as last a while because you will not need to use much at a time. 

If you do decide to purchase a cheaper product, try using it for a few weeks to see how it works for you. If you don’t notice much difference then you might just need to spend a bit more money.


When looking for a product, you want to make sure that it does exactly what it says on the tin. There are so many different types of serums out there that it is hard to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

We recommend trying a few different brands until you find one that suits you.


Another way to determine whether or not a product is worth buying is to read reviews from other customers. This gives you an insight into how others feel about the product.

A lot of times these reviews will give you information regarding the results they got with the product. Do bear in mind that not all reviews are helpful, as a lot of people only leave reviews to complain.

So make sure you look for reviews that are verified and trustworthy. We are all different though – what doesn’t work on somebody else’s brows might work great on yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Eyebrow Serums Work?

Yes, they do. They stimulate the follicles which results in increased growth. The serum should be applied daily after cleansing your skin. You may need to apply more than once a day to see results.

How Long Does It Take For The Product To Show Results?

Results vary from person to person. Some people see results within days while others may not see any noticeable change until weeks later.

So, you may notice visible changes within 2-4 weeks. However, most users report seeing results within 4-6 months.

What Products Do I Need To Use With My Eyebrow Serum?

After applying the serum, follow up by using a brow brush to blend the product into the brow area. Also, you can use a mascara wand to create a fuller appearance.

Which Eyebrow Serum Is Best For Me?

There is no “best” product because each person has different needs. If you want thicker brows, then choose a thickening serum. If you want softer-looking brows, then choose something that makes them appear plumper.

If you are just starting out, you may want to try a light serum first. Once you know how the product works, you can move on to heavier formulas.

What Exactly Does An Eyebrow Serum Do?

An eyebrow serum helps to increase the size of the follicle. When you apply the serum, it stimulates the follicles which increases the blood flow to the area. This allows the follicles to produce new cells which leads to increased growth.

The serum also contains ingredients such as peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help to promote healthy hair growth.

The result is a full and bushy brow that looks natural.

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