Herbal Face Food Reviews

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Herbal Face Food Reviews

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Herbal Face Food Review – It is natural to age and have physical insecurities. It is also natural to want to find remedies to help prolong the process or make us feel comfortable in our aging skin.

Herbal Face Food is one product that is said to guarantee the results people are looking for, using natural resources to leave people feeling fresh and young.

If you are someone who is struggling to feel confident in their own skin, Herbal Face Food may be the product you need in your life.

To help you, I have produced an honest review on the serum – does Herbal Face Food truly make a difference to your skin?

What is Herbal Face Food?

Herbal Face Food Logo

With so many skincare products on the market, it is impossible to know of every kind. As well as this, it is also impossible to predict the quality of the product and know whether you will get an effective end result. So, why trust Herbal Face Food?

Before delving into the review, it is essential to recognize what this product is and what attracts people to it.

Herbal Face Food is a brand that dedicates itself to helping those struggling with self-confidence by producing anti-aging, multi-correction, and anti-viral skincare products. 

All of their products are completely natural and organic using “plant science” to produce the most effective serums.

What makes the serums from Herbal Face Food unique is how they are made from natural plants and no other unnatural or chemical preservatives. 

They make plants their main priority when it comes to producing their powerful formulas, making sure that the plants used are the right kind and are grown in the correct environment.

These small details are said to make a large difference and is a large part of why Herbal Face Food has seen such popularity.

The Serum Series

The Serum Series

Herbal Face Food has a series of serums, some of which I will be reviewing in this article. Each of these serums are natural yet differ slightly in potency and power.

The serums include:

The Serum I

Serum I

Before purchasing your product, it is necessary to get a taste of what you will be receiving. That is why I will be reviewing Herbal Face Food’s products for you, starting with Serum I.

The Serum I is the best product to get if you are wanting to start off easy yet still receive the best results.

All of Herbal Face Food’s products are very concentrated, so it is strongly advised that you choose The Serum I before extending into their other serum products.

This product contains 25 botanicals including 5 of the rarest out there to give you the most powerful results, and it is safe to say the results are clear. 

Not only can you see a difference but feel a difference too. After at least one week of use, you will be able to notice a great difference in your face.

All dryness and oiliness will diminish, your skin will feel smooth and refreshed, and your skin will be glowing with radiance.

What is great about The Serum I is that it does much more than tend to the quality of your skin. Whilst it does indeed have an intense healing power, simply wearing this serum will make people turn heads once they notice a newfound brightness in your face.

The Serum II

Serum II

The next product we will move on to is The Serum II – this product is pretty much identical to The Serum I but has increased strength (you will be able to tell the difference in strength immediately after applying it!).

I decided to review The Serum II to compare how it feels when increasing (each serum increases in power) and I can confidently say you can notice the difference.

When it comes to these serums, it is all dependent on the individual’s skin and how they can handle the strength of the product.

Whilst some may feel they need some added potency to get the best results, The Serum I holds just enough power to get the job done too.

The Serum II holds twice the potency and power of The Serum I and as soon as this serum hits your face you will feel the difference. 

Again, this serum works to diminish any signs of dry or oily skin as well as working on any fine lines and wrinkles.

What I like about The Serum II is that although its potency is doubled, this is an inclusive tactic. By delivering these different strengths, people of different skin types and needs will be completely satisfied.

As well as this, it is still all completely natural and that is what we all need in a good product.

The Cure

The Cure

The final product I have tried from Herbal Face Food is The Cure, and this is the only one with a major difference.

Whilst the other serums work to rejuvenate skin and have anti-aging characteristics, The Cure is made to tend to spots and dark areas. 

This is a product ideal for people of any age, for this is not only an anti-aging remedy. Whether you are suffering from aging spots or acne, The Cure really does cure.

I found that not too much is needed to see sufficient results and because of this the bottle has lasted long. 

From an outsider’s perspective, its small exterior may make you second guess its worth, but I can indeed vouch that you are 100% getting your money’s worth with The Cure. The difference in my skin is immense and it has truly helped my confidence.

How To Use The Serum I, II, III

How to use herbal face food

Using these serums are very simple and can be easily applied into your everyday routine. Managing a routine is essential, especially if you want to see effective end results.

You cannot pick and choose when to use it or miss days or weeks. Make sure that you apply it consistently and use the right amount with every use.

Step 1

Make sure that your skin is clean and dry. What I like to do is apply the serum right after a shower to ensure that my skin is completely clean and that I have dried my skin efficiently.

Whether you choose to apply when you wake up or before you go to bed at night is completely up to you.

Step 2

Before applying, you need to shake the bottle. Make sure to shake thoroughly to ensure that all of the natural ingredients are spread around effectively. This also allows the serum to activate.

Step 3

Finally it is time to apply! When it comes to the amount you need to use, you do not need a lot (half dollar size is recommended by Herbal Face Food).

Smooth the serum between the palms of your hands and then apply to the desired areas of your skin.

Massage the serum into your face, neck (this is one of the places age is very noticeable), under eyes and temples. This is a valuable serum so if you have any leftovers, don’t wash it away. Simply rub it into your hands.

How To Use The Cure

Step 1

For The Cure to take effect, use this straight after using either The Serum I, II or III. Simply put a small amount into the palm of your hand; this should be the size of a dime.

Step 2

To apply, dip your finger into the product and dab along the areas of focus on your skin. Press into any pores or dark spots you may find to see results.

What To Expect


It is important to remember that even though these serums are completely natural, they are still very strong, and you will be able to notice this immediately during the application process.

When applying, you will immediately feel a stinging sensation (this may come as a surprise but it is completely normal). 

Despite this, I see this slight tingling as a positive. Unlike other products, you can literally feel the product working and know that it holds a lot of power. Straight away, you know that Herbal Face Food can be trusted.

With this said, however, please be wary if you have sensitive skin.

Although it is not made to damage, some people’s skin is not made for a product such as this. This is also why it is crucial to start with Serum I before working your way up.


Another great thing about Herbal Face Food’s product is the color of the serum itself. When opening up Serum I and The Cure, you are instantly able to see the difference in colors.

With The Serum I, you will notice the bright orange tone it holds. The Cure, on the other hand, is a beautiful deep orange. It also has a lovely shine which makes these products even more appealing.


It was a pleasant surprise to see that these serums also have a distinct scent. Upon applying, you will be able to smell a scent that I’d describe as spicy, floral, fresh, and rich.

As Herbal face Food is 100% plant-powered, you may assume to smell a strong flowery scent yet this is not the case. 

The smell is subtle yet a great component of the serums – the smell is completely natural too with no scent added.

The only downside to this is how the smell wears off fairly quickly, however, this does not affect the results.

How Long Until You See Results?

This is another answer which varies depending on skin type. Typically, it has been said that you will see results within the first 2 weeks of use however, again, this can vary.

If your skin is more damaged or is in need of more care, the time it takes to see results lengthen. This may also work backwards, for some people see results as quickly as the first week of use!

Why Should You Trust Herbal Face Food?

Now you have explored my review on the products themselves, you may still be wondering whether Herbal Face Food is a company you can trust. Well, I can happily say that they are a company all should trust and here’s why.


Herbal Face Food is sustainable and is committed to being a socially conscious brand. Not only do they use post-consumer recycled materials but everything they produce is ethically sourced.

With Herbal Face Food, you can be sure that what you are applying to your skin is completely chemical-free for they put sustainability first.

Extensive Research

On the Herbal Face Food website, it is clearly shown the extensive research gone into producing this product.

With plenty of manufacturers, it can be hard to trust the things they say, however, Herbal Face Food proves that they know what they are talking about with the research they conduct.

Furthermore, their site also highlights each plant they use in their products as well as the good it does for the skin. This is definitely a brand you can trust.

Serum I

Herbal Face Food Review – Final Thoughts

Using this product by Herbal Face Food has truly changed the way I perceive serums and I believe it will change the way you see them too.

Herbal Face Food has come up with a number of serums – The Serum I, The Serum II, The Serum III, The Cure – and each of these is produced using only natural plants and no artificial components. But what makes them exceptionally great is their power. 

Simply by applying it to your skin you will immediately feel a tingling sensation and this is enough to show that the product is working.

If you are someone who is struggling with their confidence whether that be through aging or acne scars, Herbal Face Foods will be guaranteed to help.

Use these serums and watch your skin transform. This is a highly recommended product.

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