How Long Does Grandelash Take To Work?

How Long Does Grandelash Take To Work?

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GrandeLash is one of the market leaders in the world of lash growth serums but how long does GrandeLash take to work?

Many of us know how frustrating it can be to have short eyelashes. The pain of having to apply coat-after-coat of mascara to try and lengthen them, not to mention the time and effort it takes to curl them, only for those lashes to become brittle and frail.

Up until now, you may have thought that there was nothing you could do about it. But, I have some exciting news for you!

Lash growth serums are currently more popular than ever, and when it comes to the best of the bunch, the award-winning GrandeLash is what you should be reaching for. 

It’s constantly ranked at the top of lash serum lists and the results definitely speak for themselves. Imagine seeing longer and fuller lashes within just 1-3 months? So if you’re ready to leap into the world of long lashes, read on below for the total breakdown of this beauty must-have.

What Is GrandeLash?

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GrandeLash MD is an eyelash growth serum that was developed and created by Alicia Grande. With 25 years of experience in the anti-aging, skincare, and beauty industry, Alicia certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to recognizing the next big thing. 

GrandeLash is a conditioning serum that coats the lashes and helps to prevent the fall-out pattern. By doing so, your lashes can grow longer which over time can make your lashes appear thicker and full of volume – the dream! 

Full of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, GrandeLash is packed with essential supplements that will help nourish both your skin and eyelashes and protect them as they grow.

Peptides increase blood flow to the eyelids which in turn helps to nourish the follicles and stimulate new hair growth. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that helps promote healthy growth and prevent damage.  

The following ingredients are also used in the GrandeLash serum:

  • L-Proline: This is an essential amino acid to help you achieve healthy, stronger lashes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is used to hydrate brittle, dry, or damaged lashes. It also helps protect your lashes to prevent breakages. 
  • Botanical Extract Blend: This is a powerful nutrient and antioxidant combination which is used to strengthen the lash follicles.
  • Glycosaminoglycans: This helps lock in moisture and boosts lash resilience.

How Long Does Grandelash Take To Work?

Some people have reported a difference from using Grandelash in as little as 3-5 weeks; however, the magic for most occurs during weeks 6-12.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From GrandeLASH?

Thanks to the powerful ingredients GrandeLash uses, this serum not only encourages the growth of new lashes but also prolongs the natural growth cycle of your current lashes. This means that you can expect to see results relatively quickly. 

Some people have reported a difference in as little as 3-5 weeks; however, the magic for most occurs during weeks 6-12.

Grandelash results after 12 weeks
Results after 12 weeks of using GrandeLash Serum

To feel the full benefit of using this serum daily, you should notice a huge difference around the 2-month mark with an increase in the volume and lushness of your lashes. The full benefit of GrandeLash should be experienced by the end of month 3.

It’s important to note that the time it takes to see a difference can also depend on the age of the user. Younger users have reported seeing their lashes grow within the first 3-6 weeks, while older users tend to see the best results in later weeks.

Some have also noticed phased growth where they might see immediate growth in week 1, nothing in weeks 2 or 3, but additional growth in week 4 and thereafter, so it really does depend on the user. 


GrandeLash is best applied at night. After cleansing your face, pat dry and apply your moisturizing products as usual. Once finished it’s time to target those lashes!

The serum comes with a thin applicator brush which is perfect for really getting into that lash line. With one single swipe, apply the serum slightly above your upper lash line. Aim to apply it to the root of the lash only and not your actual lashes. Also, avoid applying to the lower eyelid as it can more easily cause irritation.

You only need to apply it once per day (for best results at night) and avoid applying multiple coats as this will only waste the lash serum and won’t, as you might assume, speed up the process. Allow a couple of minutes for the serum to dry, and you’re good to go!

Each bottle should last you around 3 months. Once you’ve reached the three-month stage, you can use the serum every other day to maintain your amazing results. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to most users of GrandeLash, they experienced no side effects at all. Following the recommended dosage and consistently applying it should result in little to no irritation at all. While some other lash serums can severely irritate the surrounding eye area, GrandeLash is gentle on this delicate area of skin mainly thanks to it being paraben-free. 

On rare occasions, some users have reported eye discomforts, such as itching and redness. Others noted darkening of their upper eyelids. If you experience a persistent tingling in the eyelid that includes redness and irritation, you should stop using the product. Dark circles under the eyes can also be a side effect of other lash serums but were not reported as a side effect by those tested in GrandeLash’s survey.

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Pros Of Using GrandeLash

  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Healthier and longer lashes
  • Little-to-no irritation 
  • No change in eye color 
  • Can be used with lash extensions and lash lifts
  • Safe for contact wearers to use
  • Very easy to incorporate into your nighttime beauty routine
  • Easy to apply
  • No overpowering fragrance

Cons Of Using GrandeLash

  • Unable to use when pregnant
  • Needs to be applied consistently on a daily basis
  • Have to continue using the serum to continue to see results  

Overall Thoughts

GrandeLASH serum is such a great product to invest in. During the first couple of weeks, you may be tempted to give up on your lash journey, but I promise if you stick with it, you will get the results you’re hoping for. 

Once you’ve used your first bottle, switching to maintenance mode is easy and helps you keep your new lashes looking great for as long as you want them to.

Before you know it, your GrandeLash will become your new best friend, and trust me when I say, your lashes will be thanking you. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous, thick, and long-looking lashes? I know I do!

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