How to Apply Lash Serum – 5 Step Process

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How to Apply Lash Serum

Tired of using all those lash extensions, lash curlers, and false lashes? The lash growth serums can be a great alternative for them. They boost the lash root line with nutrients and cause the growth of longer eyelashes in a natural, healthy way.

Sounds great? The next obvious thing comes to mind: how to apply lash serum? That’s exactly what we’ve covered here. We’ve put together a detailed step-by-step method of applying serum to the lashes and much more. Read along.

How to Apply Lash Serum

1. Undo the cap of the serum and dip the applicator.

2. Using a single stroke run the brush along your upper lash line.

3. Do not apply directly to the lashes, apply to the skin just above.

4. Allow 1-2 minutes for the serum to absorb and dry.

5. Apply once per day for the full period stated on the serum of your choice.

Lash Serum Application Tips

Take the new lash serum you’ve just bought and follow these time-tested steps. You’ll find your lash lines crowned with luxuriant full lashes.

Apply Lash Serums, Daily

Similar to an exercise or a dose of vitamin, the lash serum works best when it’s applied on a regular basis. The serum stimulates the growth of thicker lashes by adding nutrients to the roots.

Just like your body can receive only a certain amount of nutrients from a single meal, the lashes also have their limits. You should keep the application of lash serum embedded into your daily routine. Place the serum tube somewhere close by and easy to spot. Because out of sight means out of mind!

Take Off the Contacts

Those beautiful contact lenses are particularly sensitive to most synthetic chemicals. These include the chemicals used in the lash serum. So before you get your hand on the applicator brush, remove the lenses.

What about putting them back? Apply lash serum, then wait at least fifteen minutes. If you have time, delay for half an hour. By the way, the lash serum ingredients can be harmful to your eye lenses too! So be careful when applying.

Remove the Makeup

Makeup or mascara often partially covers your eyelashes and their bases. Thus they physically prevent the lash serum from getting in contact with the eyelashes! On top of that, their chemical impact can also ruin the serum’s effectiveness.

So, make sure to remove makeup before you apply the lash growth serum. Take a cleanser and remove dirt, makeup, and oil from it. The same goes for any eyeliner, waterproof mascara, or shadow that may have latched onto your face. Now that you have clean eyelashes, the lash serum will be able to make them truly enchanting.

How to apply eyelash serum

Wash the Face and Hands

The dry-cleaning you’ve done so far isn’t enough. For an effective application of serum, a freshly washed face is a must. So, before you apply eyelash serum, you should wash your face with clean, warm water. You can use a mild cleanser coupled with a non-irritating soap.

Wash the hands clean before you apply eyelash serum. Besides the makeup, mascara, etc., that you’ve just removed, your hands may contain bacteria or chemicals that’ll ruin the serum. The hands and the face must be completely dry before you apply the lash serum.

Read the Instructions

Reading all the instructions is one apply-lash-serum-step that you should always do but that you always forget! Obviously, it’s a must for the first time you use a new brand of eyelash growth serum.

The packs of eyelash serums feature several types of applicators. Some of these are for one-time use. Discard those once you’ve applied. There are other ones with brush tips that remind me of mini-nail polish applicators.

For Lash Serums, Less Is More

Remove the applicator of the eyelash serum, dip it into the bottle and let the brush absorb just enough eyelash serum for one go. Keep in mind that, as in all other artistic acts, in the application of eyelash serum, less is more. 

You don’t want to splash your eyelashes with highly concentrated lash serums. Rather, consistent, refined use will result in longer lashes.

Apply to the Upper Lash Line

The lash serums should only be applied to the upper lash line. And remember, the primary target is not the lashes themselves; rather, it’s their bases. 

So once you’ve opened the packaging and collected sufficient serum, close the eye and apply a thin layer of lash serum across the roots of the upper lash line. Don’t worry about the lower line. It automatically receives lash serums as you blink!

When you apply the lash serum, use the applicator to first lay the thin coating at the inner corner of the eyelash. Then gradually move the brush towards the outer corner. The application process is rather similar to that of liquid eyeliner. So you’ll get used to it in no time.

One thing is extremely important: the serum MUST NOT get into the eyes. These products are designed to boost the lash growth cycle, resulting in longer-looking lashes. But the ingredients of the lash serum aren’t meant for the eyes.

Remove the Excess Serum

This part of using lash serum is often forgotten. You must blot away the excess amount immediately after you’ve applied the serum. Failing to do so can cause irritation. As explained earlier, a moderation in applying eyeliner will ensure beautiful eyelashes in the long term.

Excess serum can also cause unwanted hair growth. Besides, stronger lashes don’t result from excessive once in a while shots. Regular, consistent use can ensure gorgeous, fuller lashes.

Clean the Applicator

Don’t forget the applicator. You should clean the applicator tip before returning it to the tube. In the case of prescription prostaglandin serums, get rid of the applicator after every use. This will keep lash serums safe from any bacteria. Thus you’ll be able to evade potential infections.


If one can apply lash serum properly, there shouldn’t be any irritation. Have some issues? Check whether you are following the steps correctly or not. If you’re doing everything right, try applying on a ‘one day on, one day off basis’. Is it still annoying you? Use another product.

It’s crucial to note that applying the wrong serum can adversely affect your lashes in the long run. A 2018 research has demonstrated that it can even affect lash morphology. So only use those serums that you can comfortably adjust to.

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Questions We Often Get:

Is it OK to use a lash serum with eyelash extensions?

It’s perfectly alright. Just apply the serum to the root of the upper lash line, not the lower lashes.

What about using lash serum after a lash lift?

You shouldn’t use the serum just after a lash lift. Wait at least 48 hours; then, you’re good to apply the serum.

Why can’t I apply lash serum to the lower lash line?

One of the common mistakes in applying the lash serum is to apply it to both lower and upper lashes. Doing so will cause the hyaluronic acid to get into your eyes!

Yes, the bottom lashes also need nutrients. But when you apply the serum to the upper eyelash line, it’ll also transfer to the lower eyelashes as you start to blink.

Key Takeaways

Having longer-looking lashes increases the beauty and appeal of your eyes manifolds. In their quest to achieve longer lashes, ladies use false eyelashes, lash extensions, lash curlers, etc.

But the best solution lies in using a lash serum. Now that you know exactly how to apply lash serum, the road to enchanting beautification is wide open for you!

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