Lunar Lash Serum Review – Tru Alchemy Eyelash Serum

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Lunar Lash Serum Review

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Lunar Lash Serum Review – Tru Alchemy Lunar Lash is a high-end lash serum for people with thinning lashes or those who want to add volume and length to their natural lashes. Tru Alchemy is a company that brands itself as environmentally sustainable, naturally sourced, clean, and largely plant-based.

They offer many different must-have cosmetic products, including cleansers, masks, moisturizing creams, serums, and more. Today we’re going to focus on their ever-popular Lunar Lash serum, looking specifically at its formula, how it works, and what results you might expect to see.

What is Tru Alchemy?

Tru Alchemy is a cosmetics company known for creating innovative products with a focus on organic ingredients, plant extracts, and botanical blends. They define Alchemy as, “the magical process of combining or transforming everyday elements to create something truly extraordinary”.

Tru Alchemy is big on promoting self-acceptance and the thought that “beautiful skin is healthy skin”. As such, all of their products contain only the highest quality ingredients available (which we will get into further below), are made using all-natural processes, and are never tested on animals.

How Does Tru Alchemy Work?

lunar lash serum reviews

Tru Alchemy products are focused on being clean, conscious, and kind, meaning they look to nature for organic ingredients, are environmentally friendly and are free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, GMOs, etc. 

They promote being very intentional in the ingredients they use in their products, again focusing on largely organic and plant-based ingredients for their formulas such as licorice root, white shiitake mushrooms, and green tea extracts, just to name a few.

The products they deliver can support an entire cosmetic routine, and they encourage the uniting of skincare and self-care practices to work together and promote healthy and beautiful skin.

Lunar Lash Serum Review Summary

The Lunar Lash serum from Tru Alchemy is an effective product to improve the health, thickness, and length of your eyelashes.

Its ingredients, specifically the hyaluronix, peptides, and keratin are proven to be effective in stimulating follicles to improve growth.

lunar lash serum

What is Eyelash Serum?

Lunar Lash is Tru Alchemy’s eyelash serum. So what exactly is an eyelash serum?

An eyelash serum is a type of cosmetic that is used specifically to treat and condition your eyelashes. The goal of the eyelash serum is to help create longer, thicker, and more luscious eyelashes.

There is only one FDA-approved treatment for actually growing eyelashes (Latisse); however, a recent rise in lash serum popularity has given way to a plethora of new over-the-counter lash serum products. There is often wild debate as to whether or not the OTC lash serums really make your lashes grow, or if they do a better job strengthening and hydrating your current lashes.

Overall, there are many different types of lash serum out there, ranging from simple moisturizers meant to condition already lengthy lashes, to more complex treatments containing protein and peptides aimed at helping grow longer lashes. Let’s take a deeper dive into Lunar Lash.

What is Lunar Lash?

Tru Alchemy lunar lash serum

Lunar Lash is designed to support “longer, stronger, healthy-looking lashes”. For the best results, Tru Alchemy recommends applying at nighttime prior to bed, but it can also be used throughout the day if you prefer. 

The serum is applied via a brush applicator. You can apply one layer of the serum along the lash line directly after cleansing your face, or you can apply prior to applying your makeup (just let Lunar Lash sink in for 5-10 minutes first for best results). 

Lunar Lash is unscented, which is nice for those with aversions to scents and those with sensitive skin. Its formula contains natural botanical extracts that have been clinically proven to stimulate the growth and thickness of your eyelashes. 

In addition to these extracts, there are also ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and peptides that help to moisturize and nourish your lashes while protecting against damage, breakage, and aging.

How to Apply Lash Serum

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How Does It Work?

lunar lash serum applicator

The Lunar Lash serum works by stimulating the follicles on your eyelids to foster a better lash growing environment. The silk amino acids within the serum help to infuse the cuticle with moisture and coat the lash, while the collagen peptides nourish the lashes. As your eyelashes grow, they naturally thicken and become stronger. 

When applied regularly, this helps to prevent breakage and thinning of your eyelashes. It also protects your eyelashes from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. 

The serum itself is fairly gentle on the skin and does not contain potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or prostaglandins. 

Most users experience little to no symptoms (slight irritation or redness), but like any product used around your eye, it’s important to ensure you keep the serum out of your eye and use only the recommended dosage.

How Do You Use the Serum?

Tru Alchemy serum

To use the Luna Lashes serum, first, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Then, using the brush applicator provided, apply a thin amount of the serum along your upper eyelash line. Be sure to remove any excess serum away from your eye so as not to cause irritation.

Some lash serums recommend both a morning and nighttime application, but Tru Alchemy recommends application at night for best results. If applying in the morning, wait about 5-10 minutes before applying any other eye makeup. This allows the serum to penetrate through the outer layers of your lashes and get absorbed into the inner core.

And really, that’s it, it’s that simple!

Who Should Use the Serum?

This product is best suited for those who want to add volume to their eyelashes without having to go through the hassle of false eyelashes, extensions, continual mascara application, etc. 

Tru Alchemy says Lunar Lash is great for targeting “the appearance of short, sparse, or thinning lashes, dull or dehydrated skin and lashes, and aging skin around the eyes”, so if this is you, Lunar Lash could be a great option!

Lunar Lash Ingredients

Lunar Lash Ingredients

The Lunar Lash serum main ingredients include peptides, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, keratin, and Vitamin C, as well as a number of different natural plant extracts including green tea leaf culture, clover flower extract, and abyssinian seed oil. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ingredients:

Vitamin C – this is a powerful antioxidant that helps provide a better environment for your lashes to thrive. 

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to protect the lash hair follicles from infection and inflammation, and against free radicals that can damage the skin cells.

Likewise, Vitamin C also acts as a moisturizer, helping to keep your lashes hydrated. In all, having Vitamin C in the serum formula will help in preventing lash breakage, brittleness, and loss. 

Hyaluronix – a patented moisturizer that has been created to help attract and retain moisture to improve skin radiance and texture. Lunar Lash utilizes Sodium Hyaluronate, which is a type of hyaluronic acid that has a lower molecular weight, meaning that it’s more permeable and penetrates the skin better than standard hyaluronic acid.

In terms of eyelash serum, it is used to keep lashes soft and supple, providing much-needed moisture and protecting against inflammation.

Collagen Peptides – the Lunar Lash formula is infused with these naturally occurring peptides which help to nourish and strengthen the eyelashes. Specifically, Lunar Lash includes 2 peptides: Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3.

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 is a peptide formed by 3 amino acids and enriched with biotin, which helps to strengthen and condition the lash.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 will also help strengthen and create a thicker set of lashes

Zero-Gravity Stem Cells – used as an alternative to synthetic fillers, zero gravity stem cells are used to increase volume and fullness. 

Within the eyelash serum, they work to add thickness and length to lashes, while improving their appearance.

Silk Amino Acids – are acids that work to coat the lashes and include an excellent binding mechanism for moisture. As such, these silk amino acids are able to target the cuticle and attract moisture into the lash itself. Silk Amino Acids leave lashes and hair feeling silky smooth and more flexible.

Keratin – is a type of protein that is naturally found in your hair and lashes. It is meant to support the structure of the lash or hair, making it more resilient and stronger.

Panthenol – is derived from pantothenic acid (or vitamin B-5) and is found naturally in many animal and plant sources.

It is used in cosmetics and lash serums to help lock in moisture and works to make lashes shinier, stronger, and softer.

Does the Lunar Lash Eyelash Serum Really Work?

Reviews of Tru Alchemy’s Lunar Lash are overwhelmingly positive, with many noting healthier, thicker, and lengthier-looking lashes with consistent use over time. 

Like any lash serum, it may not work for everyone. Some users noted seeing little to no results even after using the full 2-month supply daily. 

What we do know about Lunar Lash is that it contains a number of very beneficial ingredients targeted at creating a healthy environment for lashes to thrive and seems to steer clear of typical irritants found in other serums.

Lunar Lash

Who Should Use the Serum?

This product is best suited for those who want to add volume to their eyelashes without having to go through the hassle of false eyelashes. 

It is ideal for women who don’t wear makeup every day, as well as those with sensitive eyes.

Pros and Cons of the Lunar Lash Serum


  • Works great for adding volume to create thicker lashes
  • Helps to prevent breakage and loss of eyelashes
  • Use of many natural ingredients
  • Great for sensitive skins and no fragrances


  • May be a cheaper alternative out there

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for something to give your eyelashes a boost, then the Lunar Lash serum from Tru Alchemy could be perfect for you. 

It offers great value for the money and one bottle of serum can last up to two months, meaning that it isn’t going to continuously break the bank. 

This particular formula doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals either, opting for a natural blend of vitamins, peptides, acids, and plant extracts, making it safe for both your eyelashes and your body. 

So if you’re tired of spending too much time applying mascara, extensions, etc. in the morning, or are just looking to add some extra volume to your natural eyelashes, then the Lunar Lash serum could certainly be worth your while.

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