Nourishbrow Reviews – Does This Eyebrow Growth Serum Work?

Nourishbrow Reviews

Nourishbrow is an eyebrow thickening serum that has been growing in popularity. In this Nourishbrow review we’ll break down it’s ingredients, how it works and show you the results that verified users have experienced.

Lets find out how effective Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum really is.

Nourishbrow Logo

Nourishbrow | The Brand

This USA-based brand has established its foothold in the beauty arena in a short time. The brand had commenced its journey targeting individuals suffering because of overplucked eyebrows. This has blossomed into a premium serum that users are raving about.

Nourishbrow makes cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products while leaving out most chemicals that trigger discomfort in the eye area like parabens, phthalates, etc.

All About Nourishbrow Eyebrow Growth Serum

Most eyebrow serums in the market consist of harmful artificial chemicals. On the other hand, Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum is composed of healthy, natural ingredients that ensure the best results.

This powerful Nourishbrow serum aims to wash away all your worries regarding eyebrow hair loss. Its goal is to support re-growth for those aging, thinning, and overplucked eyebrows, and will leave them feeling nourished, smoother, and thicker than ever.

Nourishbrow Growth Serum

Active Ingredients 

The ingredients are specifically selected to provide and prevent your brows from breakage or further hair loss, resulting in great-looking, thicker, and stronger brows.

With the promise of stimulating smoother, thicker, and fuller brows, this eyebrow serum is a blessing for those with sparse brows. The product is vegan friendly and made of scientifically approved ingredients like Biotin, Pantothenate, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, and Green Tea Extract.

These ingredients together work to fill thin brows that were either caused by overplucking or natural causes such as hormonal change, unhealthy diet, age, etc.

What makes it one of the best eyebrow growth serums is the inclusion of rare natural extracts such as Green Tea Extract, Red Clover Extract, and Grape Stem cells. These uncommon yet vital ingredients protect brow follicles from hormones such as Dihydrotestosterone, known for destroying eyelashes.

Clean Packaging

This esthetician-recommended serum for eyebrows comes in a classy-looking bottle with a user-friendly applicator – much like a mascara brush. The practical applicator ensures no serum wastage, which means the product will last.

Promises Fast Results

Nourishbrow promises staggering results in the form of thicker, longer, and fuller eyebrows with an amazing texture in just 6 to 8 weeks of use. In fact, some users may notice changes within as little as 2 weeks of using the brow serum.

Key Ingredients

Nourishbrow Applicator

Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum is packed with some effective and potent ingredients also found in many luxury brands’ products. These are combined in a customized formula to fill bald spots in your eyebrow area and give you natural-looking, radiant, and defined brows.

Let’s look at how these ingredients are effectively combined to produce the thicker and fuller results your brows deserve:

Hyaluronic Acid

Also known as sodium hyaluronate, it hydrates and moisturizes your brows and the skin underneath.


Otherwise known as vitamin B5, pantothenate supplies nutrients to the brows, strengthens them, nourishes brow follicles, and boosts the growth of current and new hair.


With its anti-inflammatory properties, this component soothes inflammation that occurs due to over-plucked brows and low brow maintenance while improving your hair’s softness, strength, and shine.


It is a catalyst in keratin growth, a protein that makes up hair. Weak hair follicles result from a lack of biotin or vitamin B7 in your diet. So, this eyebrow growth serum is an external source of vitamin B7 and makes up for its deficiency in your diet.

Myristoyl Hexapeptide 16 and Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17 

These are powerful peptides that help produce keratin and fortify brow hairs.

Green Tea Extract

Helps stimulate healthy growth and regrowth of brows and aids in preventing hair loss. 

Red Clover Extract 

This element maintains hair follicle structure in lashes and brows and helps reduce the loss or breakage of eyebrows

Grape Stem Cells 

Grape stem cells speed up the natural hair growth and regrowth in eyebrows and lashes and increase hair length.

Nourishbrow Before & After

Nourishbrow before and after

Nourishbrow Customer Reviews

Out of 320 reviews from users on Nourishbrow’s official website, there was not a single review carrying fewer than 4 out of 5 stars. This doesn’t mean customers didn’t have complaints, though.

Here, we’ve summed up the customer reviews of their experience with the Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum.

Positive Reviews

Almost all of the 320 verified purchase reviews were on a positive note. From these reviews, it’s quite evident that this Nourishbrow serum is very reliable.

  • It Is Very Reliable!

Most users saw a massive improvement in their eyebrow hair growth ever since they started using the product. Some had been struggling with sparse brows for over a decade, some ever since their teen years, said that it was Nourishbrow that changed their life.

  • Can Be Used Regardless of Age

Not only were young adults found raving about the eyebrow serum, but the product also worked wonders for those of all ages. Many individuals noted suffering from thinning brows due to their old age or sickness, but thanks to Nourishbrow, this is no longer a problem.

  • Perfect for Those with Health Conditions

This product touts being safe and effective for genders of all ages. It’s a lifesaver for those who have sparse brows as a result of various health conditions (i.e., chemotherapy, illness, overplucking, etc.).

  • Highly Effective and Fast Results

Many customers were super impressed by the time within which they discovered results. Some had seen changes within only a few weeks, while others had to wait for a couple of months or so. Overall, they were satisfied with the difference between how their eyebrows looked before and how their brows look now.

  • Doesn’t Cause Any Irritation 

For many, the nourish brow product worked better than olive oil and castor oil, which are popular enhancers of eyebrows. There weren’t many complaints about skin irritation, as the product does not contain harmful artificial chemicals in the ingredient list.

  • Product Price and Guarantee 

Most users were also satisfied with the product’s price, given its benefits and the incredibly effective and potent ingredients it’s packed with. Plus they provide a 60-day money back guarantee.

All in all, customers seem to be very satisfied with how their brows look – lusher, fuller, and stronger.

Negative Reviews

There weren’t many negative reviews related to Nourishbow. Like any product, there were some users who claimed the product did not work for them or caused slight irritation, but for the most part, the reviews were generally very positive. A few items worth noting included:

  • Must Be Consistently Used Or You’ll Lose Results

Similar to many lash and brow serums, Nourishbrow must be applied daily and if you stop using the product, there’s a very high likelihood that your brows will return to their previous length. 

While most users were happy with how quickly the product worked for them, there were a small handful that said it took longer than they expected for the results to come in.

  • It May Contain Allergens and Cause Slight Irritation

Even though the Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum is free of harmful chemicals, a few people noted slight irritation from using the product. This is common with any topical cosmetic product as everyone has different skin. Some products will work for most but cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

One user reported irritation upon initial use, although it didn’t last long. But if you have sensitive skin, it’s important to be mindful of the compounds you’re allergic to or irritated by so that using the serum doesn’t end up harming you. Best practice is to perform a patch test if you have irritable skin.

  • Slower Than Expected Delivery

A couple customers mentioned experiencing slower than expected delivery. Nourishbrow’s shipping policy states that orders are typically processed in 1-2 business days and shipping takes 2-5 days in the US (using USPS) and 7-15 days internationally (using USPS or DHL)

Pros and Cons

Nourishbrow Serum

Based on the customer’s opinions and the product’s general attributes, we have summarized its pros and cons here – 


  • Fills in empty spots in eyebrows with thicker, fuller, and healthier hair
  • Starts showing results in as little as 2 weeks
  • Unlike most cosmetic products, it contains natural ingredients which have various skin benefits
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can return it if you find it doesn’t suit your skin and get your money back
  • The applicator is user-friendly
  • Has very positive reviews


  • It must be used every single day to maintain results
  • Not available in local shops or on common e-sites
  • Time it takes to see results may vary by person 

The Buying Process 

The Nourishbrow eyebrow growth serum comes in a 7.5 ml bottle with an applicator. Currently, there are offers of 30%, 55%, and 60% off when purchasing one ($59), three ($119), and five ($169) bottles, respectively. There’s also free domestic shipping. 

Nourishbrow is sold exclusively online on their official website There’s a limit to purchasing one offer for every transaction because of how exclusive the products are.  

You’ll receive both order and shipping confirmation emails and orders are typically processed in 1-2 business days and shipping takes 2-5 days in the US (using USPS) and 7-15 days internationally (using USPS or DHL).

How to Use it

How To Apply Nourishbrow

Using the applicator, apply in short strokes along your brow line. Do this once daily, best if applied before bed time, but you can also use o as part of your morning makeup routine. Make sure to avoid getting into your eyes and stop using if you have an irritable reaction.  Avoid storing in warm temperatures to maximize shelf-life.

Nourishbrow Frequently Asked Questions

Does it smell bad?

No. Nourishbrow eyebrow serum and all other Nourishbrow products are fragrance-free.

Does the Nourishbrow serum cause irritation on the skin?

As it’s made of 100% natural ingredients, it’s generally irritation-free and safe to use. However, before purchasing, please make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the existing ingredients. Perform a patch test first if you do have sensitive skin.

Who should use Nourishbrow?

Nourishbrow can be used by people of all ages looking to thicken and fill in sparse brows.

Key Takeaways

The quality ingredients, reasonable price, quick results, and minimal side effects all make Nourishbrow a great product to pursue. The overwhelmingly positive reviews and money-back guarantee further solidify the case for making Nourishbrow a regular in your routine.

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