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Hi, my name is Elle, and I am the owner Glow Zone. As someone who struggled with bad acne through my teens and college years, I know how great it feels to have the skin you deserve. 

What I love about what we do here at My Glow Zone is helping others find what they’re looking for and ultimately feeling great about themselves.  Outside of work I’m a normal dog mom who loves being active outdoors and traveling (especially to Europe).  



Hey, I’m Liv and I’m a mother of two, sports enthusiast, avid reader, and recent convert to baking in light of the pandemic.  I’m also a Writer and Product Reviewer for My Glow Zone. 

I’ve been doing beauty product reviews for 5 years and I love nothing more than finding new products that make my face and skin feel amazing.  I value companies that focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe practices so you can be sure you’re getting the best recommendations from us here at My Glow Zone.