What Happens When You Stop Using Lash Serum?

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What Happens When You Stop Using Lash Serum

Lash serum is used to make lashes longer and thicker but what happens when you stop using lash serum.

Before you can really understand how a lash serum works – both during its use and post-use – you need to understand the life-cycle of lashes.

The most common side effect of lash serum use is that the eyelashes grow in length but not in thickness. This condition is called “lash extension.” It usually occurs within two weeks after a woman stops using lash serums. The lashes continue to lengthen and will then fall out during the natural lash process.

So, let’s take a look at lash serums and lashes in more detail. 

How Does a Lash Serum Work?

Eyelash growth begins when the follicle (the tiny bulb at the base of each eyelash) produces an oil-like substance called sebum.

Sebum attracts moisture from the air which helps keep the lashes soft and pliable. As the follicles produce more sebum, the lashes become longer and thicker.

When the follicles are stimulated by the lash serum, they begin producing even more sebum. The increased production of sebum causes the follicles to swell up and push out the root of the lash. This increases the size of the follicle and makes it easier for the lash to grow.

When the lash serum wears off, the follicles return to normal size and the lashes start to fall out. They do this because the sebum produced by the follicles has been depleted.

What Happens When You Stop Using Lash Serum?

GrandeLash is the market leader in the serum world.

In their FAQ section, they state that… “If you completely stop using the serum, your lashes will eventually revert to their original length and thickness.”

Why Do My Lashes Get Thinner After I Use Lash Serum?

Lash serum contains ingredients that stimulate the follicles to produce more sebum. These ingredients also cause the follicles to swell and push out the roots of the lashes. 

However, as soon as the serum wears off, the swollen follicles shrink back down to their original size. 

Because there is less sebum being produced, the follicles have less moisture to hold onto. This causes them to pull away from the roots of the lashes and eventually fall out.

This process happens every time you apply lash serum. If your lashes were already long enough to be noticeable, then applying lash serum will extend the length of your lashes. 

But if your lashes weren’t long enough to be visible, then applying lash serum won’t change anything about them.

Can I Prevent My Lashes From Getting Thinner After I Use a Lash Serum?

You can prevent your lashes from getting thinner after you use a lash serum by keeping your eyes moist with eye drops. Moisture helps keep the follicles healthy so they don’t dry out and shrink.

You should also avoid rubbing your eyes too much. Rubbing your eyes can wear down the protective layer of skin around your eyelids. This allows bacteria to enter your eyes and cause infections.

If you’re concerned about losing your lashes, talk to your doctor about other ways to help prevent this. He or she may recommend wearing glasses instead of contact lenses or using artificial tears.

How Long Will My New Lashes Last?

It depends on the type of lash serum you choose. Some products last only one month while others last six months or longer.

The best way to find out how long your new lashes will last is to try different types of lash serum until you find one that works well for you.

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Do Your Eyes Hurt After You Apply Lash Serum?

Most people who use lash serum experience no pain at all. In fact, some people actually feel better after applying lash serum.

However, some people may notice a burning sensation in their eyes. This usually goes away within minutes. It’s not harmful and doesn’t hurt to continue using lash serum.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Lash Serum?

There aren’t any known side effects to using lash serum. However, if you’re allergic to certain chemicals found in lash serums, you may experience an allergic reaction when you use them.

Some people report feeling tired after using lash serum. This is most likely due to the extra work the follicles must do to produce more sebum and maintain the thickness of your lashes.

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Final Words

Using lash serum isn’t going to make your lashes grow faster than they would without it. Instead, it’s designed to give your lashes a boost so they appear thicker and fuller.

Although many women are interested in growing their lashes naturally, it’s important to remember that growth occurs slowly over time. Even though you might see results right away, it could take up to two years before you start seeing significant changes.

So, if you want to grow your lashes fast, you’ll need to look into alternative methods like lash extensions.

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